Sunday, April 3, 2011


The first step for fixing a problem is... 
hiding the problem..
NO.. Thats not right.
Im hanging my head..  BUT i have to admit.. i have a problem..
a internet problem
A BAD one..
I want
EVERYTHING.. well maybe thats admitting to much.. im just super bad about emails and websites.. ok 
I follow so many many blogs.. now only do i follow them i have them bookmarked and im usually on their mailing list if they have one! sad i know.. which leads me to my worst problem.....
I have hundreds.. wait
thats being nice..
hundreds of thousands.
your probably thinking no one can have hundreds of thousands of emails.. 
well your wrong..  in just my inbox alone i have 3678 unread emails. thats just in my main email account. in my other inboxes there are 2721, 4893,1654 and 6534 so add just the inboxes together and thats....19,480. thats not counting the emails that are in sub folders..
Im never gonna get thru all these emails.. and burried in these emails are awesome reviews for yall and even a few giveaways.
yea giveaways!!....
but you may never know if i don't go attack them soon!

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