Tuesday, August 31, 2010

embroider this!!!

any of you that know me personally know i looove trying new things! well i had a sewing machine and that just didn't work out for me.. jammed bobbins, breaking needles, needles un threading, blah blah blah the whole mess! so this perfectly good sewing machine for someone who knew what they were doing just SAT.
in my room. taking up space.... well i whined and complained to my family that i wanted something better.. easier to use!!so low and behold on my birthday this year a BIG box came.. I opened it with excitement knowing it was my new brother sewing/embroidery machine.. yes i said EMBROIDERY!!! boo yaw!!!  yea i was super  beyond excited about my birthday present. ( see whining does get you some things!!!)so i hooked it up and was ready  to put some names on things right? WRONG i needed stabilizer and embroidery thread and  most of all another 199$ part to put designs on my machine...I was heart broken!  but none the less i used my nifty touch screen sewing machine to sew some pants up and fix a couple pockets but not much else. ( i have a list of things i want to try but I'm too scared to) Anyway..... i diligently started saving every extra little penny i had. ( and i whined some more) next thing you know guess what i had in my hot little hands??? a PED basic card writer and card for my machine!!!
oh yes! it was heaven for me  that day.. so i piddled here and there with putting letters and names on stuff . then i ventured i nto the world of appliques.. now let me tell you embroidering is a WHOLE other world. theres soo many designs out there and you can have designs digitized so the possibility's are ENDLESS!!!!
well last week i picked up a plain while long sleeved shirt and KNEW what i HAD to do with it!! EMBROIDER it of course!!!! but with WHAT?? well i happened to be on one of my FAVE sewing/ embroidery websites and this lady posted the FREE beyond ADORABLE. little girl spider!! that got my brain wheels turning.. HALLOWEEN of course!!! This would be my very first applique to ever ever try!!..  and let me tell you i was a nervous wreck while it was stitching this design out!1 but guess what?? i did it!!! yes sirree bob i did it!!! and now there is an adorable Halloween shirt just waiting for next month for my princess!!!!
now tell me is that cute or is that cute?? its even got a matching hair bow ( this was my first attempt at maraboo also!!!)

Do you have an embroidery machine?? interested in making a cute spider of your own?? well here is an AWESOME  spider from Lynnie Pinnie.. its even on SALE!!!! its not the exact same one that i used but trust me its just as cute!!!!
Now as for my sewing machine part of my machine.. I'm gaining the nerve to try  a twirly skirt! if you want to give it a try the tutorial is  from Crap I've made go check her out!!!!

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