Monday, March 7, 2011

Where a kid can be a kid?

When you think of Chuck E. Cheese, you think pizza, fun , games, and happy kiddos right? 
Well i did until last Friday!
I decided to take the kids to Chuck E. Cheese's for a little fun! Boy i wish now i had gone to the one in Chattanooga and not the one in Knoxville.
I chose Knoxville because it's the one i went to growing up. I figured we couldn't go wrong with something that had never let me down before.
I even dated a guy that worked there when i was in high school.  Plus i had 2 coupon for a pizza drink and taken deal and one for free tokens. All the games now take one token i had 270 tokens. Hours of endless fun. It had to be a no fail plan! All was good until after the kids ate and decided to go play. Play is not what they did. More than half the games they tried just ate their tokens. Wouldn't do a damn thing when they put them in. So being the mom i am before a melt down ensued i walked to the front to talk to someone about them losing their tokens, i personally couldn't care less if they lost some of the massive amount of tokens i had. I explained the issue and  included how many token i bought , and let them know the loss of token was no big deal, the loss of game play was beginning to become one. What did they do? they handed me 20 tokens and said sorry for the issue.
Really 20 MORE tokens? Just give the kids some tickets for later. THEN the games stopped giving any tickets AT all. They would play and play and play and get NO tickets. or half the games were out of tickets so they couldn't play them. So out of 10 ride on games 5 worked. 15 arcade games that you win tickets from MAYBE 6 were working and actually giving them the tickets they earned. 
Then came the three words that should NEVER come out  of a kids mouth while at Chuck E. Cheese...
"Mom I'm BORED!!!"
After that i wrangled the kids up and headed back to the table to try once again to divert a melt down out of sissy .. only to find ALL our stuff was GONE except one of our drinks. Seriously.. they cleared everything away but left ONE drink? So they had to have known we were still there. Even our almost whole pizza was gone!After an hour of this BS i finally tracked down the manager who had a " and i care why?" attitude. At one point in the conversation he looked at me and said 'well you don't want more tokens so WHAT do you want?"
umm how about my money (and the last 3 hours of my life and the time it will take to calm down my three year old down after her melt down after we leave?)
So finally he says " ill just give you your money back and y'all finish using the tokens you have"
The man brought me back $25.00 of what i had spent. Really? 
Now don't get me wrong I'm grateful he gave me any of my money back, but I think after everything he should have given me back more than that.
So all in all we decided we will not be visiting Chuck E. Cheese again. At least not that location. We have a rinky dink version of Chuck E. Cheese here in town called Chuckles. I do believe we will be going there next time!
Between the rudeness of the staff and management, the lack of working properly games, the service, and the mess all over the floors i have to give this place a great BIG D, for DON'T BOTHER!!

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  1. Yeah you can't walk off and leave your table unattended, not for one second. I have known that for years. They will and do clear your stuff away if nobody is sitting there. My kids are old enough to go play stuff by themselves. I don't have any little ones I have to supervise so I just stay at the table with our drinks and our pizza.

  2. Just stopping by from Bloggy Mom’s to say hello! I look forward to following your blog. I remember taking my now 19 y/o to Chuck E. Cheese!


  3. Thank you Marsha for stopping by!!!!!!

  4. peggy,
    We have never had that issue before there were people that got there before us that their tables sat untouched the whole time we were there!! uuggghhhh just so annoying!


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