Tuesday, May 4, 2010


so we have had a crazy last few days!! LIKE WHOA INSANE!!!
Friday we left around 10 am to go get the kids from school and head out for our surprise trip! Now understand neither of the older kids had a clue where we were headed!! by the time the boy got out of school he thought he was in big trouble! i had plans on telling the oldest the same thing. BUT hubby being the kind hearted soul he is told bubby he wasn't in trouble while i was in the school checking out the oldest kid! great right?  so he told them i had a emergency Dr's app  and we wouldn't have been back in town to get them from school!! HA! They semi bought it but i think they knew i had a trick up my sleeve seeing i wasn't freaking out about a emergency Dr app!
But being mommy i just went with the flow..
so 2 hours later we pull off the interstate with sleeping kids and  headed for their surprise!! which was originally just a trip to  see the Titanic now understand this was just as much of a treat for me and hubby as it was for the kids!!! But right before we pulled into the parking lot of  the Titanic Bubby woke up!! the look on his face and the excitement brought my hormonal ass to tears! i sat in the car blubbering like a baby for a good 5 min!! Our tickets were for 3 pm but we were an hour early so we asked if we could exchange them for earlier tickets and were told sure we could!! SCORE! so we loaded sissy in baby J's new stroller ( had to text it out ya know) and headed off to get in line!! Well the greeters were dressed like Jaynee and all had British accents ( fake of course but pretty damn convincing!) we were each given a boarding pass from an actual titanic passenger who had been on the ship. on the back was their bio and what class they were and  you had to wait to find out if they lived or died aboard the great Titanic. Me of course i get the boarding pass of a mother of a 6 yr old boy that writes a book about the boy and his adventures with his stuffed polar bear. ( once again made me cry) i wont bore you with the details of our walk through the amazing Titanic. The staff was AMAZING! let me tell you i never rave on staff of anywhere! But these people were absolutely AMAZING!!!! SO SO SO friendly! i had more than one member come to check on me when i got tired from walking and had to sit down!
Our biggest issue was a family we got stuck with. we would lag behind to let them get ahead and damned if they didn't slow down . we went on a 20 min bathroom detour and still got stuck with them! I know my kids are far from perfect but these were hellions! i wanted to slap them! the kids were younger that bubby but older than sissy and ALL OVER THE PLACE!! The parents would be in one room and the kids would be running in another. and swinging their arms and  almost knocked over a few displays!My kids would get blocked from seeing anything because they would stand right in front of anything we seemed to try to look at ( like the flooding stair case (amazing neat BTW)) Finally after the brats elbowing my big preggo belly 4 or 5 times hubby told the one little boy to go find his mama or he was gonna take him to her NOW!
But we got to touch an ice burg and experience 28 degree water! and let me tell you that shit is COLD!!!
Anyway the gift shop.. omg i could have dropped a small fortune in there.. (to the tune of $225,000 if i had it for the real one!! that's on display) But i did good and didn't ask for a thing!! now the kids wanted harmonicas and flags and OMG everything but hubby and i stayed strong and didn't get any of it!
 So we left there and unknown to the kids we had dinner reservations HERE. but there weren't for a few more house so we drove around and ended up shopping here!! once again i did great and didn't spend anything! Thank goodness to sleeping sissy! anyway we finally get to dinner and OMG! it was beyond amazing!!! It seriously blew my fucking mind y'all!!
Sissy was chosen as one of the 4 kids to go chase chicken!! and OMG she was soo cute!!! Once again  this hormonal mommy started crying!!! we weren't supposed to take pics but of course i pulled out my camera when she was down in the arena with daddy chasing chickens!!!
That's my little sissy in the lime green shorts and zebra tank!!! she ran her little heart out to chase the Souths chickens across that side to win her medal!!
And when they asked her her name IN FRONT OF 1,000s of people she said" umm Sissy" right into the mike!!!
 Then she did the cutest thing
 she turned around and looked straight at me ( remember we are in an arena full of people) and waved and showed me her medal she won!! (daddy was on the other side of the arena at this point where they had started the chicken chase.. she was a good 50+ feet from him!!)
I was so proud of my little princess!!!
Our waitress.. was TRULY OUTSTANDING!!! she went out and preformed and came back to serve us before we even noticed she was gone!! I never tip  at restaurants (hubby does)but she got a kick ass tip that night from me!!!
The kids were amazed by the show as were hubby and I! We want to make it a yearly family thing and i cant wait for Baby J to be old enough to get as tickled as sissy did!! They serve you more food than you can possible eat! and Bubby cleaned out his plate!
so Dixie Stampede is a def must got from me and my family!!!

So from there we headed home! Finally! I was worn out and the kids were too!! they were asleep before we hit the interstate!!!
That night tho i paid for our fun!1 i had been asleep about 30 min and woke up in horrid tooth pain!!Like bash my head against the wall pain!! finally around 4 am i woke hubby in tears to go to the er! where i was given Tylenol with codeine!!Now understand i don't take drugs at all. the ONLY thing i will usually take is reg Tylenol.. ha! Codeine knocked me on my ass! bad! i couldn't even hold my head up all day sat!!! this kids had a birthday party to go to and there was no way i could take them LOL! So my amazing friend who also happens to be the birthday boys mom came to snatch my kiddos so they could still go and i could rest!! Thank you B!! She even brought me cake!! which yes i found a way to eat.. come on it was cake!!!
Sunday we were due to go see mam maw and pap paw so i was determined to not take anything but reg Tylenol. and i felt pretty good until we ate at shoneys!! but i lived! i popped 2 magic blue and red pills and hit the interstate!! praying it didn't storm on the way there!( the storms the night before were horrid) but we got there with no storms!! had dinner and a nice visit and decided to head out when it started looking bad where they live. guess who got hit in the storms on the way home?? yup me!1 we were doing 40-50 on the interstate on the way home and we were passing ppl!! the rain was horrible!!! But we made it home safe and sound!!!! way to go mommy!! i think it really bothered hubby to know i was on the interstate in that but he kept his cool  and kept texting the oldest to make sure we were OK!!!
But we had an amazing weekend!!!!!!!!
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* i was not endorsed by any of the places i wrote about LOL( i wish)


  1. Looks like y'all had an absolute blast!! Cute photos! Way to go Sissy!!

  2. OMG!! I was down in Pigeon Forge last summer, and they were still building the Titanic exhibit. I would seriously LOVE to see it!! I can't wait to actually. The Dixie Stampede was the most amazing thing, and the food was delicious as well. My youngest was about 6 months old when we went, and he just stared and stared at the performers. It was really neat.


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