Thursday, April 15, 2010

have any of ya'll seen this??? go read it! then come back to me..
1501 piercings?? was it necessary? did he keep them after it was all done?? couldn't he done something more.... i dunno enlightening to get in the Guinness book of world records? If it was me my ass would have taken them all out after it was done and over. not to mentin he sat there for 4 1/2 hours.. i have so many other things to do in 4 1/2 hours time..

Then again.. i have NOTHING against piercings.. Ive got 6 myself. not crazy woah out of the ordinary ones mind you.. because well i didn't want them.
But not to be horribly mean but Ive never seen the big deal about getting in that book. do you really think THAT many people care that your in that book? and what about when someone out does you? dude the biggest pizza interesting.. the longest fingernails.. kinna gross!
some of those people in there are with out a doubt in my book classified as FREAKS!
My 8 yr old brought the book home from the library last week as a matter of fact and i sat there looking at some of the stuff shaking my head going what in the fuck is wrong with people. who cares if you have the longest pubic hair ever.. that's fucking nasty!
really do you wanna be known as the fattest man to ever live? um i don't!
now. there are some really cool things in there.. things that make u go woah! or that actually have to do with culture ...
here's a few i found
its kinna col.. then again its a monster truck. so .. how can u go wrong....

on the snuggie home front theres this..
which is almost on the verge of the who fucking cares category..
this is cultural.. i guess....

BUT this one.. well personally i find it really fucking cool! maybe cuz I'm prego.. but.. check this shit out.. its chocolate..

OK but no shit..
heres some of the gross/whats the fucking point records...
the shit i wouldn't want to be known for or be around the people known for it..
the longest ear hair.. really.. imagine standing next to this man talking to him.. never mind trying to tell the fool a secret. you would get his ear hair in your mouth! gag!! imagine little Timmy or Susie going to school telling people "my grandpa is famous cuz he has the longest ear hair in the world" what the fuck really people???
Once again.. why would u want to be known for this??? id cry if i ever saw this shit in person.. one day shes gonna pop those eyes and be picking them up off the floor!shit woman pop yo booty not yo eyeballs
seriously gag me?? talk about self image issues.. kick that chick in the chest and her spin is gonna span literally.. geez!!!
OK this is it.. this is just beyond gross. really someone tell me is there not enough food in the world?

I'm done! that last one got me!! anyway.. you wont ever see my face in the Guinness book of fucked up world records.. i'll make damn sure i don't do anything that fucked up!!!

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