Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A trip to the Dark Side....

By the dark side i don't mean with Star Wars or the Sith Lords or anything of that sort. Not that i have anything against star wars.. my ex husband was a avid star wars fan..
I'm talking about sex.. not kinky shove it in ur ass sex either. But switch ur genitals sex. AHAH! we need a switch genitals day! Ok your probably thinking WTF Crazy Mama your officially gone off the deep end.. no i really haven't .. I'm still teetering on the edge.
OK i want a cock.

No seriously how many of you have ever wondered what it would be like to have a dick for a day? To be a guy and be able to stand up and piss? Seriously if i were a guy my dick would be in my hand all damn day! id be locked in the bathroom fucking jacking it every chance i got. Shit a guy can fucking play with his dick thru his pants. um last i check us females cant do that
Dude i don't wanna keep the dick. Cuz i wouldn't want to spend the rest of my life trying not to sit on my nuts but guys act like sex is sooo amazing for them its all they can think of. I just wanna have a cock for a day or so. the things id do if i had a cock:
1. Jack the fuck off
2. piss on the corner of a building with out pissing on my shoes.
3. get a blow job
4.jack off again
5.fuck someone.. just to know whats its like to be on the other side of sex. i wanna be the rammer not the ramee for once.
6. see how far i can cum or squirt some girl in the face. cuz it it just me or is cumming on a girls face a big deal with guys?
but between all that id have my dick in my hand at all times. Id fondle my balls and wiggle my cock at people!
My cock would come with a exchange policy.i don't want some little tiny cock that girls look at and laugh. Fuck if imma use it who ever i fuck i want them to walk away happy too! Then again if i had a cock for a day and had sex i think i might make sure she couldn't walk afterwards.
Then when i was done seeing what was so awesome about having a hanging pole and nuts between ur legs id return my cock and get my tootie back. Cuz well my tootie doesn't have to worry about my zipping it up in my pants or getting kicked and causing horrid pain or being hard and causing embarrassing situations.

All in all ill keep my tootie but i just want to rent a cock for a day. i don't want the bullshit that comes with having a dick.. just wanna know what its like.

Don't sit there pretending you don't know what I'm talking about.. cuz you do.. you know you do..
so if you had a cock for a day what would YOU do?

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  1. Apparently I would be like every other man and jam my hand down my pants in public to make sure that my dick is still there - there must be an epidemic going around!

  2. I would do the same things you listed if I had a weiner for the day, or for a few days. I would be a dick slinging man whore and fuck every woman who would sit still then never call them again, like most other dick slingers in the world.


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