Wednesday, March 30, 2011

.canceling this weekend!

WTF.. where has this week gone?? seriously. This f&*%$d up weather has got me all screwed up! Not to mention my computer has gone a bit wonky on me! One of my fans or some shit is going out. UGH!You see i was gonna make y'all this nice cute button for my blog.. but old mr. dumb ass computer decided against that and shut down before i saved the page with the instructions on how to do it. So until i find that page again.. umm y'all are gonna have to deal with out one!
 I'm having mommy issues too. Not trying to make excuses or anything but  My ex jackass decided to let me know this last weekend that now that he has his own place ( with his Gf and her 2 kids) that he wants our son, my oldest. to start staying the night with him every other weekend. Now thats our custody agreement but i had found a way around it with his last Gf. then he was living with his mom, then a funky alcholic roommate, then his mom again. so i always had a way around it for the past 3 years. NOW i don't. and to be completely honest i don't like it.Not one single bit! So i started thinking and i realized that  the weekends he wants are the weekends he doesn't work. BUT they are also the weekends the my sons best friends are at their dads.. the only weekends he can go stay the night over there.. He doesn't go to the same school as them anymore so he doesn't get to see them on a regular basis. So i proposed to my ex that the boy stay with him every other Friday night.. that way he can go to his friends on Saturday night and go to church with his friends Sunday! PLUS that way he would get to go to church because if he stays with his friends they always take him to church with him and he goes on the weekends hes with me. Am i being selfish? I just don't want him hurt like he was with his fathers last GF who had kids. Or maybe i just don't want him to get comfy with his soon to be step mom ( which he doesn't know that yet)!I guess im just gonna have to put on the best mommy face i can muster on Friday when his father comes to get him. GOD I'm gonna miss him!

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