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Feature Friday-Kiboomu (review and Giveaway)

For the past week I have had the pleasure of pouring over information and music and Ipod apps from an amazing couple of women!Funny thing is i already knew their site pretty well as i visit it all the time for my kids. I am so excited to be doing this feature and Giveaway!! Yes I said giveaway but i will get to that in a bit..
For those of you that don't know about this amazing Creation i would like to introduce you to 

These women i am going to tell you about have brought you ..
 and learning tools for your children!
 I personally have used so many many of their creations for my own children.
I cant rave enough about their Apps. personally i hate my kids poking random things on my ipod. it just annoys me! But thanks to Kiboomu, my kids have their own apps to play with. along with their own music to listen to because well honestly Mommy's music isn't always kid friendly.
My son had trouble memorizing his multiplication facts.. the first place i went was  to Kiboomu's blog
Within a week his multiplication was so much better!
For my daughter i have used so many things from them. From their alphabet printables, to songs and letter and number activity's!Sissy and i love the Fitness songs. Seriously. I cant help but dance and work out to the music!They even have neat coloring pages for you to print out for when you have other things to do other than dance and sing with your kids.

I could go on for days about the amazing things they have to offer you and your child.
They even have too cool craft ideas!
Just look at these shamrocks on a stick you can create with your little ones...
Kiboomu helps me as a mom go beyond what they teach at school and the normal homemade crafts!Plus i get to have fun with my kids while they learn something new!I could seriously rant and rave about them all day.. but let me tell you a little about the two amazing women that created Kiboomu
Wendy and Sherry!
Wendy  is an award-winning entrepreneur and platinum award-winning singer/songwriter.Wendy received theTop 100 Canadian Women Entrepreneur Award and The Profit 100 Award as one of Canada’s top 100 companies.  She has been featured as a business cover story in multiple newspapers, amongst numerous other print publications and TV appearances.
Sherry is a former school teacher and  an award-winning children’s book publisher.  Her huge collection of book publishing's  have been translated into dozens of languages for world wide sales. Sherry also has over 10 years of marketing and sales experience working for Fortune 500 companies, such as Pearson Education and Reader’s Digest. 
Seriously can you get much cooler than that?
"Kiboomu was officially launched in January 2010.   Kiboomu is a Montreal-based development company that specializes in award-winning music and iPhone apps for kids.
Wendy and Sherry currently have 4 music apps available; Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Old MacDonald, ABC Song and Toddler Sing & Learn.
All 4 music iPhone apps for kids are consistently listed on “What’s Hot” and “New & Noteworthy” on iTunes. They were named in iLounge Top 100 Apps for 2010 and also won the Creative Child Toys Award 2010 and Parent Tested Parent Approved Award 2011.
In addition, Wendy and Sherry are also the exclusive distributors for KIDZUP’s award-winning children’s digital music library.  KIDZUP boasts over 150 music albums on iTunes."

These women KNOW what they are doing and they ROCK at it!!!
Now if your anything like me you sat and tried to figure out how to say the name.. RIGHT?? Then you thought where in the world did they come up with that.. well ill tell you..
KI stands for Kids.  
BOO stands for Books
MU stands for Music


So i know you all are thinking "ok ok ok we get it they are awesome.. so where is the giveaway you mentioned.. well here it is.. Kiboomu is so generously giving away my favorite album and my favorite app! So two lucky winners will get to find out first hand just why i love them!Which album you ask? Which App.. well ill tell you....
The App give away is for 

ABC Song Piano

The Album Giveaway is for....

150 Preschool Songs

so here's how you can win one of these awesome giveaways from Kiboomu..

1. tell me which you giveaway you would pick if you won.
2. Go to their site and tell me which St. Patricks Day activity looks like something you would enjoy doing with your child.
3. Go follow them on facebook, and come back let me know
 4. leave all 3 things in a comment
Its that easy!!!!
All entrys must be in by 11 pm thursday March 17, 2011
Winners will be announced within 24 hours

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  1. Darling blog and those shamrocks on a stick look awesome! I'm sooo excited for St. Patty's day.

    I'm following.

  2. Following you back :) thanks for your kind comments and also the fab info above, will be checking the music stuff out.


    Ps your kiddos are gorgeous too!

  3. I'd choose the songs, since my husband doesn't know a lot of kids songs! taleah AT roknor DOT com

  4. green mac and cheese! what a great idea! taleah AT roknor DOT com


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