Monday, March 14, 2011

NOT Monday

So we all know that I am NOT the perfect person and mom right?? good..That's why I love NOT Mondays!! I can post all the  great dumb  things I  didn't do on Monday. Heck don't you know Mondays screw with everyone? NOT me!
so lets see I did NOT go to bed at 4 am this morning after forgetting I had inspection today ( first thing in the morning)
I  did NOT decide to redo my living room and spring clean the day before my yearly inspection( in which my home has to be spotless)
I did NOT oversleep.
Of course I did NOT forget to lay anything out for dinner this morning.
I did NOT forget the city is cutting off all water at 6 am Tuesday morning.
I did NOT forget to run to the store to get a gallon of water for my sons bottles so I don't have to go first thing tomorrow morning!
I did NOT give the baby the messiest feed yourself food on the day of said inspection ( which never happened by the way)
I definitely did NOT have half a bag of Tostitos 'Hint of Lime" chips and queso salsa for lunch.
I did NOT fall asleep with the baby  when i should have been cooking dinner.
I did NOT skip my workout today. Ya know especially since I definitely did NOT eat the fore mentioned chips. Oh and of course I did NOT post this late!!!!

So you see i had a great Monday for all the things I did NOT do!!!! What did you NOT do on your Monday??

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  1. Mondays are Awful! I had a total "Manic Monday" yesterday. I blame daylight savings time!

  2. thanks for following me at Andersons Angels I am now following back.


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