Thursday, March 17, 2011

putting my foot down!

Ive been in space for a few days,
no i wish i had been in space for a few days. instead i have been dealing with BS from my sons school!
Let me jump back a bit. my son is in the fourth grade. He is being bullied. severely bullied. not any of this  name calling  my mom is better than your mom crap either. full on making fun of been stabbed in the arm with a pencil, hard core bullying. to the point he begs me in the morning to stay home.I picked up on what was going on when the stabbing incident occurred.
Now I'm a fairly reasonable person, i like to think so anyway. if you ask anyone else they will might say otherwise.
Here's my stand on it. My son should be able to go to school and learn with out coming home injured or humiliated  by another student.
Do i understand that boys will be boys? Yes i fully understand that. Do i consider daily harassment boys being boys? no i don't. I have spoken to the teacher about this issue hoping that it might help things... i musty have been on drugs thinking the TEACHER might make an effort to keep things from continuing. Them i spoke with the principle. Once again thinking  she would do something.. nothing changed.. then the stabbing incident happened. I wasn't even notified from the school that my son had been stabbed. HELLO... is that not call mom worthy? Of course not according to the school.
Well yesterday i was informed that 2 of the boys that have been harassing my son cornered him in the class room while the teacher was gone and tried to yet again stab him. what was done?? my child along with the boys harassing him were given silent lunch.
Seriously how many silent lunches are you going to give the child that continues to bully my child? obviously its doing NO good what so ever. well This morning i emailed the mother of the little boy only to find out she knew nothing of the trouble he had been in.
That is where i lost it. the punishment for this child has yet to be anything severe enough for the parent to have been notified. THAT is ridiculous! 
well this mama put a call into the school board and let it be very well known that the next incident will result in my calling my attorney.

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  1. You should speak to the superintendant of schools because a "no bullying" policy should be put in place. That is not right! Those boys should be expelled IMMEDIATELY!! I have 3rd and 4th grade boys and I can tell you that this would not fly. The no bullying policy is shared with every parent loud and clear in the student handbook at the beginning of every year. I'm so sorry for what you are going through with your son!

  2. Whoa, that's insane. Those boys should not be allowed back at school in my opinion. Stay strong! I'm so terrified of bullying at school. I truly hope it gets better for your son, poor little guy.
    Found you on bloggy moms and am now following. hope you can follow back.

  3. Oh I would definitely bring harrassment charges against this kid and then sue the pants off of the school for letting it continue to happen. Document, document, document! Is changing schools an option? I'm not saying it's fair but...maybe better? Good luck ~ we've had our share of bullies and kids being mean but nothing like this.
    Thanks for following, now following you back!

  4. OH MY GOD! That's horrible. I mean, HORRIBLE. I would become murderously enraged if anyone ever laid a hand on my little boy, much less if it continued unabated. I know this sounds extreme and maybe isn't even an option, but I think it's time to consider either private school or one of the local parochial schools. It's not a cure-all, but they have the ability to boot children out of school for acting that way, so you don't normally find that level of bad behavior. I wish you luck with the school board. And I SERIOUSLY hope that your son has better days from here on out. I'm behind you!!! (not that I can do anything, but at least you've got another mom fired up for you)

  5. There is a "bully #" now in the Cumberland County
    school system. The teacher should have given you
    the #. Maybe you should ask for it and start reporting that way.

  6. OMG I'm w/you Erin! NOBODY BETTER TOUCH MY BABY! I'm VERY Lucky thou that the school my child attends (now mind you she is currently in a special preschool class) seems soooo different then school, i am familiar with. I've walked down the halls, and it just seems 'nice" . Now obviously I don't live in a bubble I am sure there will be some sorta situations as she gets older but it really does seem like empathy is encouraged & taught. So as these situations will not go on. And Mombo880 is right document document document. After the 2nd pencil stabbing incident and the lack of any sort of action would result in my going to the policie station & filing report. Cross me once, i'll give u a chance to correct yourself, cross me twice you better hide. Leaving the school thou i don't consider a fair, if he liked it there before this whole thing happend. He shouldn't be the one that has to leave. Help him stand up for himself, and not back down. Maybe enroll him in karate or something to help his confidence, but he did nothing wrong he shouldn't be the one to be forced out. I feel for you and this whole situation that should have NEVER happened. GIVE 'EM HELL GIRL!


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