Monday, January 18, 2010

Day away!!

OK so today was a decent day.. once we got out of town!! before we left tho.. i ended up in tears.. lovely right? my tags ran out in Nov i just realized this about a week or so ago. tags on my other car ran out in July. hubby has been driving it not gotten pulled over. guess who got pulled over today ON HER WAY TO THE COURTHOUSE TO RENEW MY TAGS? did you guess me?? well you win a cookie then cuz you guessed right!! i was soo mad! so i get the tags taken care of a go to get gas and guess who in the back seat starts having an all out brawl. not my kids no way! ha! yea right.. the 2 youngest went at it. I'm on the phone and they are losing their minds on each other. finally i turned around and screamed Ive had it!! OMG everyone at the gas station snapped their heads around to stare at me and stopped talking. Like a bad horror movie. just staring at me. me of course then pulled out the keep your hands to your selves or you'll regret it. not that i would actually hurt them. i swear i wouldn't. maybe if i did they wouldn't act like this. but once we left town we were great!!! its this town i tell you it is!! Lmao we ate and laughed and sang and the whole nine yards. sissy even dumped her drink over which poured off the table into stephs bfs lap making him look like he peed on him self. oh i thought i was gonna die laughing. i even peed a little laughing so hard when steph in amazement showed me a dirty old hill. and happened to spit all over the dash board while trying to talk and laugh. the we go to motherhood maternity because well frankly my ginormous boobs don't fit in much the further along i get and was blown away at their prices. I'm gonna wear the damn shit what all of 5 months and they want 28% after a 75% off? HA! i broke down and bought a tank top that was 10% after 75% off!!I'm in trouble with this baby.. walmart and Kmart don't carry "no I'm not fat I'm having a baby clothes" and why do they not?? hell if i know.. but then ya know my kids don't stand nicely and quietly next to me while I'm digging thru racks trying to find something that in 5 months will fit not only my monster boobs but my by them beach ball sized belly.. what are my wonderful children doing?? the clothing racks became castles and caves and sissy was a princess and Jamie a ravenous dragon!! oh yes and the dragon felt the need to provoke and harass the princess. now don't get me wrong i love my children's amazing imagination and i encourage it. but can they not turn it off for 20 minuets while I'm in public? is that to much to ask.. I'm guessing so. because madam "I'm having my first baby and was a size 2 and have c cup boobs while having this baby"" needed to make a smart remark to her mother who was no doubt going to be the worlds best snob gma anyone has ever seen. so while blocking out the giggling sounds of my princess and my flame throwing dragon i hear the not so quiet comment from first time mom... "god if my kid ever..." and if you know me i cant just hear that and not say something. so out of my lovely mouth spews.." if you kids ever what?? acts like a kid? act like a animal? uses their imagination? em brasses you in public? doesn't listen to your requests for the to settle down?? what ? please do tell what you will do? spank them and send them to bed with no supper? never take them put again? put your head down and and apologize for your children being children?? what?? honey they are kids.. they fight they play they pretend and they get on every ones nerves but guess what they are having fun and loving life. what more can i truly ask for?" upon which she of course humphed in my face and walked away. and then i realized.. yes my kids get on my nerves, yes they make my head hurt. but .. at the end of the day when they close their eyes they had fun! they smiled and laughed and acted like kids.. isn't that what life is about? what being a kid is about? so what if they embarrass me.. i probably embarrass them when i clap and cheer and scream their name at school musicals and graduations .. i know ill have plenty of time to get them back for dragons and princesses but right now.. screw what everyone else thinks.. I'm gonna let me kids be kids....
So as we drove through the streets of glatlinburg and pigeon forge a i listened to my children ramble about where we had gone and what go carts we had or hadn't ridden in the past.. about where we have stayed and where we have eaten. i watched their faces light up when they saw new things. but i had fun i listened to them scream out the windows as i honked my way through the tunnel!! And as we headed home i laughed and sang and danced as i drove!!
but now we are home.. things are back to normal. out day of get away is done. Kids have had baths and are settling down.. wait no they are far from settled. sissy is chasing the cat and bubby is watching the cat and the hat for the 100Th time( i swear I'm gonna break that DVD!) Even baby on the way is bouncing around inside me happily!!!! so off i go to settle the crew and send them to bed!! but not before i get tons of lovings. cuz no matter how much trouble they get in and how much i yell they still think I'm the best mommy in the world!!!

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