Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Today was a relatively peace full day! i was surprised. not to many bangs and scraped and yelling. well of course there was the 7 am incident where sissy decided to fling the metal front door open right into bubby head who was of course on the floor putting on his shoes. which cause him to get his head smacked between the bookshelf and the front door! poor boy!!! Sissy has had a few OMG I'm gonna die freak outs today! as a matter of fact she is having one now. HA!this one is over yogurt tho. I picked up the oldest hellions and we headed out to go to cville to get my insurance for ya know that lovely ticket yesterday. but.. before we left town i stopped by the house for the kids to grab Sissy's cuppy and bubby to drop off his back pack. both kids came out of the house making this god awful face. frantically i tried to figure out the smell before they reached the car.. the dishes?? the trash?? spilled milk? a forgotten potty trip not flushed?? the house didn't smell when i left.. so what the hell was it. then my lovely children both climbed in telling me the house smelled like rotten CAT!!! yes our lovely 4 legged feline pissed in my house.so i let out a irritated GREAT and left. figuring it couldn't be that bad and i would deal when i got home. So as we hit the interstate sissy passed out from a hour of crying in the school pickup line because well frankly i refused to give her any gum.( she had it in her eyebrow and hair yesterday) So with bubby buried in his DS and sissy asleep the oldest and i got some nice talk time in. i got to hear all about the kids at school that i don't know. and how she had to go on 2 walks today after me telling her she shouldn't need a jacket today it was supposed to be 60 for Pete's sake.
so we hit the insurance office and they stayed in the car.. alot easier that way and i was in and out of there in 20 min tops and on my way. well the idea struck me that maybe just because our walmart didn't carry maternity clothes didn't mean theirs wouldn't. so as we all unloaded we ran into a family i could have done with out running into. this family used to live here in the neighbor hood and well "moved" down there. frankly i feel horribly sorry for this family but.. we wont go there i could type all night on that one. but they were parked 2 cars away and on their way in ( just my luck) so we walked in with them and i politely caught up on how their children were doing and fended the oh my gosh your having a baby gawks and questions. so after all that we get in the store on this great maternity hunt i had decided to go on! guess what? WALMART IS PREJUDICE AGAINST PREGGO PPL!! they carry fat ppl clothes but not clothes for those that decide to procreate and keep humanity alive. so screw walmart.. yeah right... anyway we head to Kmart. once again thinking just cuz ours doesn't have them maybe their will. BINGO! 3 scanty racks of maternity clothes.. anything worth wearing in public? not much. but at this point I'm gonna have to suffer. but guess what i found one shirt that said "baby Love" on it. its long sleeved but thin so I'm hoping i can make it work. oh and black just like my tank top. come on ppl I'm having a baby not hosting a funeral. and I'm far from goth!! the cute " does this baby make my belly look big" shirt were all too small.and all other cute saying shirts were gonna be too small form the get go. once again thank you monster boobs! well upon looking at the maternity jeans and being convinced there is no way in hell they will fit my oldest finally convinces me to try them on and depress my self.. guess what....THEY FRIGGING FIT.. and I'm wearing them now! they fit better than my non baby jeans. they fit my legs. YES!!!! oh and i look preggo not fat now LOL!
So in this trip i was productive. my children acted decent, i got a shirt and jeans and i got sissy 2 adorable tank tops for the price of one!!! Can we say SCORE 1 FOR ME!!!!.. well by then all kids are whining they are hungry so we stop at a new Chinese restaurant .. yum!! bubby ate well, mommy ate well, oldest ate well.. did sissy eat well.. ha ha no. 20 min after we left its mommy i wanna eat eat! ha! bite me! i just spent 40 frigging bucks on yalls dinner. your outta luck kid!! so we headed home! Only to stop at walmart here and see the hubby.. ya know I'm starting to miss him. not enough to let him come home yet tho.. he needs to suffer a little and i still have things to sort out! got the 3 things i needed there and got outta there!!got home and bubby amazed me.. grabbed his backpack and did his homework with out a single word!! can we say awesome??? so I'm fixing to go snuggle with the kiddos and wait for hubby to come by and pick up his case of mellow yellow i got him and watch a movie.
Oh and before i forget i found out today i not only have court Thursday but Friday too. damn speeding ticket!
But Monday we find out what baby on the way is!!!!!! woo hooo!!!!
alrighty my homies I'm outta here!!!

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