Wednesday, January 27, 2010

hobby lobby fun 09

ednesday, July 15, 2009

hobby lobby and dinner!!!!!!

ok .. so today started out well boring!!! but then the guys came home for lunch and i took off to go get Steph and her best friend to head to cookeville.. i had 2 stops that i knew i needed to make Hobby Lobby and Sallys!! woot woot!!! i got both knocked out plus a trip to their awesome dollar tree where i found sissys detangle spray that i love!!!! and we went to pet co (where the pets go) to let the kids look at the animals. sissy of course had a blast looking at the animals. we were killing time waiting on mac and trav to get to cookville so we could go to dinner. so..... we go look at the rodents. and sissy fell in love with the guenia pigs. well they were a little more than what i wanted to pay plus cages. so we decided to look at hampsters. so steph goes to get the lady to ask if we can look at one. the lady steph asked was totally rude but we finally got one out there to help us. so the lady gets the hampster out and is handing it down to me and starts to say something right as i reach to get the hampster from her. no sooner than i touched it the dang thing BIT me!!!!! so that was a NO GO!!!!! then she tells us that they dont recomend hampsters for pets of children. thanks for tellign me now. that crap HURT!!!!! so we checked out the cats and fish and headed out!
but... back to us going to hobby lobby! i got everything i needed minus a ruffeler. i totally forgot about one of those. but i did good got out of there only spending 25$ yay me!!!!
but it just being me and the kids we played around while we were there.... check out our pics!!! Dinner was Golden Corral, which was yummy!!!! but Jamie being the guy he is wants to eat as fast as he can so he can have desert... well he gets a steak and crams half of it in his mouth while i was getting my food. well i come back and sit down and the kid starts turning purple. hes half choking half gaging up what he swallowed. so i rush him to the bathroom and some guy is blocking the womens bathroom door getting hand sanitizer. so i had to shove him out of my way to get jamie in the bathroom before he puked everywhere. im guessing i made him mad because he glared at me the whole time we were there.... but what was i supposed to do??

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