Wednesday, January 27, 2010

sissys birthday 09

uesday, July 14, 2009

long day almost over

uggggh... its 11:25 and im still up!!!! i did get about an hour nap earlier. i had a migraine coming on so it was necessary. Anyway. mac his bro and jamie are off at walmart. steph is at a friends for the second night in a row. Sissy is passed out. amy and mama are at work so right now its just me and the Hay-man awake here. funniest thing.. the street sweeper just came buy and he spazed out. of course it had to happen while i was on my hands and knees mopping the floors. convient huh????
Today has been a long day. poor sissy was in a foul mood most of the day. i guess 4 days of nonstop mommy in the hospital took a toll on her when we came home and i have things to do and cant sit and hold her all day!!!! yay!! right... uhhh no!. Our living room window ac froze up this afternoon so its HOT in here!!! oh my computer skitzed out on me at somepoint and i lost all the work i was doing on the new website!!!! woo hoo... oh and then my phone spazed on me and wouldn't work right.. it took me forever just to get a pic of sissy earlier!!! yay-not. oh and between hubby asking questions and not making a decision at the bank sissy screaming cuz bubby has gum and that she wants her cup( it went something like this " bubby guuuuuuuuuuum meeeeeeee gum moooooommmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyy cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup mooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyy" over and over) and my wonderful son not keeping his hand out of the candy basket i about had a meltdown in the bank... so like any good mom would do i told hubby i was going to the car do what ever it was he needed to do and hauled my kids to the car... where we sat waiting patiently for daddy to come out of the bank.
so in honor of my wonderful children and nephew and their breakdowns today .. here's some pics for Sissy's 2ND birthday party last Tuesday!!!!
look don't they look so sweet???????


ok so i figure why not start off my first blog on here, first thing in the morning??? sounds good right? especially on a day that i was up before i normally would be and already feel a migrane coming on. lovely right? at somepoint the lovely 4 day hospital stay with sissy became my schedule...
( that is little miss sissy in her wagon rollin like a big dog in the hospital) we had to do something to get out of the room.
Now dont get me wrong i would rather have my body on a hospital schedule than be in the hospital but geez... im gonna be downing ALOT of coffee!!!
OK so a little about me... wow where to start??? i hate saying that everyone says that...
so... Im gonna copy and paste what it says on my main page.. im guessing thats where it says it seeing as i had to fill the section out! ill go thru and edit it. ill even change the color of what is on the main page so you know what i edited.. wait... its early... ill do that if my brain will allow me to think that hard this morning!
I'm Bree a 27 yr old mom to 3 wonderful children. Steph is my oldest( i was given custody of her by her mother ) shes 15.This girl is awesome... i tell you what for a 15 yr old she is pretty cool. shes a little mouthy at times but i usually dont have any issues with her. And shes as smart as can be!! Then there's my wild man and imagination extrodinaire James, he just turned 8. Now you wanna talk about a mess.... lord his teen years are gonna give me a run for my money i can tell you that....Following James is our resident princess and silly monkey Valerie. She will be 2 soon. ok i have to go change that she just turned 2. she is ruller of this funky kingdom we call home... I am newly married to a wonderful( part of the time) man that supports me every step of the way .
Now you would figure thats where my family stops right? Wrong! there is also Amy ( whom i picked up in town about 4 yrs ago and she kinda stuck around. since then she has had a baby Hayden who is 3 months younger than Sissy.
And theres mama. Amy and Stephs mom. My hubbys brother trav is also here... and well trav is just goofy lol. oh and wait lets not forget our 4 legged family member LaLa who showed up on our porch one day and they kids fell inlove with. So of course we fed her and kept her. some how in the last 6 months i fell in love with bow making ( after a desperate attempt to find bows to match outfits)

ok so there is that...... now we by far arent a perfect family. but .. well somehow we work.
ok well i am offically out of coffee.. so im off to the kitchen!!!

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