Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pagent baby 09

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Pagent Baby!!!!!!!

wooo hoo!! ladies i am soo excited!!! i cant stop grinning!!!!! we went to the fair beauty pagent today to watch a little girl that i made her bow. well sissy my 2 yr old starts pointing and saying me mommy me... so i had my oldest daughter go ask what time the 2 yr olds went and if i could still register rher!!! well here it was 11 am and the 2 yr olds started at 12:30 and i had no shoes no dress nothing!!!! so i took off like a bat out of you know where to find a dress. first place i stopped only had 2 dresses!!! one was too small. but the second wasnt what you would call.. OMG look at that dress pagent dress. but it fit and i got it half of since the store was closing!!!. so offv i went to home to try and cover the MONSTEROUS misquito bite on her forhead! so i brushed and curled her hair and covered her bite a little. and off we went to the pagent. half way there i realized NO SHOES!!!!! so i ran in walmart and found the last pair of white shoes. so we get to the pagent with about 20 min to spare. now this is lunch time and nap time at pur hpouse and i was scared to death meltdown time was just aroudn the corner... 45 m inuets later they called for the 2 yr olds. they were running so late! well a friend of mines daughter walked her across the stage!!! SHE DID PERFECT!!!1 SHE SMILED AND WAVED and was cute as could be! we patiently waited while the other girls went. i didnt gert my hopes to high because you should have seen the other girls. you could tell they had been waiting for this for months! hundreds of dollars on dresses and hours on hair. me i spent 40 bucks and 20 min on her hair. next thing i know they were calling for the ones they wanted to look at again!!!!!! VALERIE WAS THE FIRST ONE THEY WANTED TO SEE AGAIN.!!!!!!!! after they called the 10 girls they wanted back they had them walk in a circle. sissy didnt stumble or trip once. not a tear just smiled and waved... so perfect!!!! then they announced the winners!!! i yelled so loud!!! they called valerie for second place!!!!!! OMG I WAS SOOOO THRILLED. I DIDNT HONESTLY EXPECT HER TO WIN!!!! SHE DID AMAZING!!! FOR THE PAGENT AND PICTURES AFTERWARDS~!!!!!!!!!

sorry so long im just so proud!!!!! but im attaching a pic so you can see my little beauty queen!!!! who is currently zonked out on the sofa with her daddy!!!

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