Wednesday, January 27, 2010

july 27 09

Monday, July 27, 2009

Start this one off with a pic of my beautiful baby girl cheesin for her momma!!!

so today turned out to be a pretting interesting one!!!
of course it is amys birthday!!! Happy birthday amy! your finally 21 now we dont have to hear it anymore!!!!
we all enjoyed delicious cupcakes!! especially the kids! here are some interesting pics!!! dont you love the innocence???? Cup Cake Kisses!!!
this is Amys son hayden... he had blue icing in his nose!!!!
Sissy chowing down on her pink cupcake!!! this is Amys birthday present that she wanted me to make her!! yay!!! i did it!!!!

and after getting her hat done i decided to finally try a princess!!!! i think this little lady turned out pretty awesome if i do say so myself!

but enough with that. after the cupcake fun we decided to head to the park for the kids to run off some of the sugar they injested!!!!
well sissy had her daisy clips in and lady asked steph where we got them and of course steph told her i made them... well the lady was beyond intrested!!! she asked me about making bows to match her daughters pagent dress!! woooot!!!!! and as soon as she heard about our upcoming photoshoot she jumped with joy and asked if i had any spots left open... and i do... so she said sign her daughter up and she will be calling me in the next few days with her daughters specifics!!!!
yee haw!!!

but on the home front hubby has been a grump today!! so muych fun! so while we went to the park he stayed home!!! but ive got a horrid case of the hiccups so i am gonna end this and go drown myself until they go away!!!

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