Wednesday, January 20, 2010

report cards! woot woot!!

so here it is a little after seven and the house is decently quiet. shit its downright silent here! sis is laying in the floor ready to pass out from no nap. oldest is on the laptop listening to music. son is with the hubby at his place playing PlayStation 3!! i made dinner tonight against my better judgement of we should eat out. and it was GROSS! but oh well.
wait.. i think sis just passed out..
shhhh stop talking.. no seriously YOU shhhhh....
yes and shes out!
so i got very little accomplished today. well i got some dishes done.. lol and part of a fundraiser order done!! way to go right? i didn't make it by the cop shop like i planned. nor did i paint my nails like planned
u know cuz painting ur nails before court tomorrow is soo important! ha! right. so I'm a little nervous about this court shit AGAIN. hopefully this will be IT! Then i have court Friday like an hour away for my monster speeding ticket.. and since i cant pay the ticket by mail and actually have to go to court for this shit then I'm gonna see if i can go to driving school for it instead! ha save my as some money maybe. cuz u know that shit don't grow on trees for me.
so I'm wondering what time hubby plans on bringing the boy home. ya know since its a school night.. and he needs to shower.. and to eat..
so my sons report card came home today. and let me tell you there are no F's. his F came up to a d. there was a couple i was disappointed in but,.... they aren't failing so I'm not gonna ride him too hard.. but hey I'm gonna go grab another yogurt since my preggo ass didn't eat nasty dinner. and then I'm gonna get in the shower.. maybe........
oh head.. can yall do me a favor.. theres a friend of a friend who really needs all the prayers she can get right now. so how ever you ask your higher power to watch over someone and their family and help them.. can you do it.. please?

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