Thursday, March 18, 2010

vicks on ur feet is good for your cough!

wow there is so much to write about.. lets see if i can remember it all in the amount of time i have to write!!!
First of all i see i have a new follower *waves* hello!! I hope you have gathered I'm not always the nicest mommy /person in the world! but i love my kids and my life at the end of the day and that's all that matters right? ha! yea i can be a sappy ass too!
OK with that said...
Ive found quite a few AWESOME blogs lately!! so make sure you drag your mouse over to my link to section and get to clicking! theres some kick ass reads over there!!
Ive also found a WAY KICK ASS site.. that I'm in love with!! can't wait till baby J is here so i can order her nuby cups!!!
Good for the Kids
Ive got the button in my link to's so uhh head Ur ass over there and check out her site!!! Your bound to find something u NEED to buy! remember ladies shes a fellow mom and if moms don't help moms well who will? So remember if you can order it and get Ur services from a fellow mom go for it cuz that way your helping SOMEONE instead of a corporation.. now trust me I'm not saying i don't shop at the chain stores.. but if i can avoid it and afford it i try to shop individually owned first! I'm all for helping the fellow mom! i even get my hair cut by an awesome chick that is a mom running her own its a tad bit more expensive but well worth it knowing the money i spend getting my hair done by her helps her family and doesn't go into a cash register and that she only gets a small part of it. OK anyway imma hop off my mom throne!

have u or Ur kids ever had a god awful, chest aching, cough? well Hubby and i both have bronchitis. and well where as he can take a Z-pak my big preggo butt can NOT! sucks donkey balls. trust me i think i would rather lick a donkeys balls that cough the way i have the past few days! Ive coughed so damn hard my belly hurts and I'm pretty damn sure baby J is sick of his mommy coughing! I know the rest of the house is. so Last night as I'm searching and Walgreen' to try to find a humidifier that isn't gonna break the bank and that is actually in stock at the store my awesome friend tells me about this Vick's remedy... and let me tell you before i tell you what it is that i LAUGHED at her for even thinking this could work. she told me to rub Vick's on my feet.. yea you ready that right my FEET! so I'm thinking WTF woman u have lost Ur mind or just cant read cuz my feet are no where near my chest. BUT she told me to google it if i didn't believe her and i figured what the hell i might as well look it up! which i did! trust me wasting 5 min looking up this crazy notion was worth it considering i hadn't slept more and an hour and a half the night before. so i go off mousing to ....... SNOPES AND this crazy theory is right. rub Vick's generously on your feet and cover with socks before bed.. says ull sleep.. well guess what.. I SLEPT!!! i only woke myself coughing maybe 2 times and that's cuz for the first time in 2 days i had something to cough up!!! let me tell you sleeping was nice!! so here i am finally coughing up crap and i can breathe with out being in pain!!! AND........ hubby and i BOTH quit smoking! i am on day 2 of no cigs.. and its really not bothering me. I'm slightly irritable but ill get over it!
OK times up! Ive got a squalling 2 yr old that doesn't want to watch Dora!! *gasp* i know right.... so before she floods me in tears ill catch y'all on the flip side!!!

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