Friday, February 19, 2010

nuckin Futs and teyond bired

"We spend the first twelve months of our children's lives teaching them to walk and talk and the next twelve telling them to sit down and shut up." - Phyllis Diller

its 10:30 on a Friday night..
seriously ya'll its 10:30 on a Friday night.. and I'm beyond tired.. what the hell is this crap?uggh i don't dare say the "o" word and no i don't mean orgasm..
I finally made it to walmart today.. ha! i remember why i don't go in the hell hole! its insane the people in there and the people you run into that you really really don't want to run into.
I never would have gone to walmart had daughter not had to go to the doctor.. damn kid! now now don't get me wrong i love my kids..... most of the time.. no really i do love them!
But we get to walmart and I circle for 10 minuets trying to find a damn parking spot so I don't have to drag my two year old past 50 cars she wants to touch. So sensibly i try to get a close spot.. After circling 5 times ( and having to stop my vehicle and say hi to a "friend") i finally get a spot semi close.. only 10 cars to keep the child from touching.. but we finally get in the store and go thru the i wanna walk fight to get in the cart crap.. the usual fight. but we aren't in the store 10 minutes when my oldest runs into about 7 friends. literally 2 girls spotted her and came running!! So as i stand there patiently and let her yap I'm getting side glances from her friends at my ever protruding prego belly. yes dip shits I'm having ANOTHER baby!!! yup... 23 weeks and proud!!! god I'm gonna be so big with this one!!!.. Oh ignore the potty in the pic.. but back to what i was saying... i got sick of standing there with a bunch of teens and told her to wander for a bit and id call her when i was done shopping! so after being blocked from moving down an isle by a grandmother that parked her cart in the middle of the isle so she could examine the pickles.... all the while in my head I'm screaming "move your ass... just grab a frigging jar" An hour later i get into the damn check out line and trying to keep the 2 yr old from grabbing the granny 's grocery's off the line in front of us... (trust me child you don't need or want those prunes) *gag me* I finally waddle my self all 3 kids in tow out of the store and hear an old woman exclaim like an excited 5 year sold " oh my gosh look at the sky its so peachy" omg it was all i could do to say YEAH! and walk away before i laughed. Finally get home and cook dinner.. omg it wiped me out!!!!

So I'm in love... yup.. with Terry Fator hes amazing!!!Ive got one of his concerts on DVD and die laughing every time he does his Michael Jackson thing!! If you haven't seen him .. go right now to his site and check him out!! I mean the man rocks he won America's Got Talent by talking and singing and not moving his mouth!!!!!! hello i wish i could do that....
i do wanna ask a question.. what is the big deal with this whole Tiger Woods crap? i don't get it really. maybe cuz i could care less but.. men cheat.. duh! they have a dick .. they have to stick it in something right? Why is tiger woods cheating such a big deal? Cuz he holds a stick and plays with balls all day.. well i hate to tell you so do most guys.. but they don't get paid for it.. and they do it in their pants... Seriously.. do all men who have cheated need to issue a public apology? seriously come on.....
OK I'm out!! my arm is buggin me again and my to do list on my desk is annoying me because it keeps getting longer and no matter how much of it i get done it doesn't seem to get shorter.. so I'm offa here so i can quit looking at it!!!!!
Nighty Nighty

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