Wednesday, July 7, 2010

worlds uside down

OK yes yes i know its been FOREVER since I've written a blog!
in my defense.. my world is a mess! god i don't even remember everything to  get it all out.
Ive had a baby!1 a beautiful amazing 8 lb 14 oz baby boy!! He is amazing!! I cant imagine my life with out him!!
We had a shocking turn of events last weekend that it still upsets me to discuss.. so im going to try to get it out and hope it helps some!
Saturday Steph and bubby went with stephs daddy out on the boat to go swimming and such..
Bubby was soooooo excited to be going. they asked what time to be home  and i told them dinner time so around 6 or 630. no biggie that gave them over 5 hours on the water. they finally call at 630 and say they just got off the boat and  lost track of time blah blah blah. well they ended up coming in about 8. steph started getting her stuff together and told me she was staying the night with her dad. well that ticked me a tad because from where sissy didn't get to go out on the boat i promised her a trip to the park as a family when they got home. so off she went and i made dinner for bubby. well while cooking  he comes in to fill me in on his day and informs me that stephs dad made him uncomfortable because he was DRINKING the whole time while driving the boat.. well hubby and i don't drink in front of or around the kids. steph knows this but failed to even think of calling me to let me know her dad was drinking. well i called steph to confirm that her dad had been drinking and driving a truck and boat and she said it was no big deal that she didn't have the right to ask him not to drink. well i disagree. i found it very disrespectful for him to drink in front of my child and to operate any kind of vehicle while drinking with my child in it.
steph being steph took the whole situation personally like she does everything and started crying and freaking out. which led to me telling her to calm down and chill out and that  i would discuss it with her the next day when she came home. well  about 5 min after we got off the phone her father called me screaming in my ear like i was 5 telling me what i was and wasn't going to do and when i tried to talk he TOLD me i had nothing to say! so i of course did what any normal person would do and hung up.
well at noon on the 4th she walked in.. and told me we needed to talk. she promptly told me she was moving in with her dad. and my heart hit the floor. hubby and i had a feeling this was going to happen because she had sent me a text message the night before telling me it was bullshit and that i needed to remember that she chose to live with me!
well she handed me her cell phone and decided to go pack her stuff. but like she has been told before he nice clothes and  all her stuff that i bought was a perk of her being here and wouldn't be going anywhere. so she grabbed a couple things and took off in tears.
 I fought tears the rest of the day  and finally took the kids to walmart to watch the fire works with daddy.But no matter what i did i felt like a huge part of me was missing. i mean Ive had the girl for 4 years and she just up and leaves.
turns out shes been promised her own room and she can paint it how she wants and decorate  it and gets all new clothes has a 4 wheeler to ride when ever can go out on the boat or lake whenever and well got to spend the day after the fourth swimming. and is getting a brand new cell. plus has been promised a car when she gets her licence. nice huh?? so she went from getting what we could afford to give her to what ever she wants. i feel like i was horribly used!! Funny cuz i let her mom and sister live with us too and when they found something better they were gone too. none of them helped with bills or gave me a penny but whatever. i treated steph like one of my own kids the best i could. shit the girl wore American eagle aeropostle and old navy clothes. She got a coach bag for Christmas along with a camera and mp3 player. she got everything she asked for. but once something better was waved in front of her face she snatched it up and left us.
Me ill get over it I'm a big girl. but she really hurt sissy and bubby she was like a big sister to them. they don't understand what happened and why she chose to leave.

ok enough of my rant about  her leaving!! life will go on..
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