Wednesday, May 26, 2010

hmm interesting!! hee hee

 i got an award!!
actually its my second one.. but i totally forget about posting my first one! well shoot!but here it is!!!
awesome right??
i know it is!!
 I got it from 

3 guys & a girl [soon to be two] 

anyway i find it pretty cool..
i also got this award
i got this awesome award from:


rockin right!!
 ok anyway so  from my understanding there are "rules" you have to follow when you get an award..
since im not 100% sure on them imma borrow what  was on the other pages LOL..
As with similar blog awards, where one blogger is acknowledged for their effort and creativity, certain responsibilities need to be recognized and adhered to. For one thing, and this one should go without saying, you need to thank the person who gave you the award. Two, you need to tell us a little bit about yourself. Share seven random things with the world. Three, (and this is an important one) you need to go out and give this award to 15 other bloggers. Our blogging community is large and there are some really awesome people out there sharing their lives, thoughts, insights, and tips with everyone. So let’s acknowledge them too. Lastly, and this is a pretty easy one. Just let them know you are giving them this award.

My seven random things:
1. i am monster preggo and monster miserable with this baby!!!
2.i LOOOVE Shoneys breakfast buffet and salad bar.. and their brownie sundaes!!!
3.I have sassy kids and i like them that way
4. i never spell liek the right way and if i didnt use spell check  my blog would be chocked full of typos!
5. I am a borderline horder...lmao i love stuff!! no  im not close to being a horder but my kids act liek i am
6. i mind my own buisness and LOVE IT!!
7. I  will never act my age all the time.. no matter what!!!

NOW. for my fav blogs.. hmm... ive got a few.. so lets see....

i know theres more here that im forgetting and i appoligize but.. well.. ive got drama going on over here!!! yippie!!!

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