Thursday, September 9, 2010

the clothing cave!

Busy Busy is what we have been around here!! the clutter bug bit me and i started going through EVERYTHING!!! i started with the kitchen.. I cleaned the whole thing from top to bottom and got rid of a few things.. my coffee pot was one of them.
now i know some of you are thinking WTH? but.. before you chastise me for giving it away i don't really use it.. it takes up too much space. since I'm breastfeeding baby J i try not to drink coffee( it upsets his tummy) IF i do have a cup of coffee its the instant singles. It works for me simply because i only have one cup  so i don't have to make more than one cup since I'm the only coffee drinker here!
but from there i moved to my lower cabinets. I have a friend that recently told me she has no Tupperware and limited on pots and pans.. well I'm over stocked on pots and pans AND Tupperware. i mean come on Hilshire farms GIVES you a reusable container with their lunch meat. And let me tell you  i LOVE their lunch mean. so i was running over with containers. I had a few extra metal mixing bowls that i got from my first marriage that i also gave to my friend. so with in my first day  of purging junk i got rid of my coffee pot, my excess of Tupperware, pots and pans, and mixing bowls. all extras that i didn't use. pretty good if i do say so myself.
  well the next day my ex came over to see our son and  i had every intention of going through the shed that day ( i haven't personally ventured out there since we moved in this place) I was honestly afraid of what i was going to find. well low and behold it was a mess. in the course of 2 1/2 hours we threw away 6 boxes of junk ( plus i found some fabric i forgot i had!)I brought in 8 boxes of the oldest sons old baby clothes.  yes i ment to type 8 boxes !so that night after the shed was put back together and the whole floor was opened up for more stuff to be added i went through all 8 boxes. well Wee Cycled Wardrobe sale  started today so i thought what better to do with theses clothes than to sell some of them and donate what is left and what doesn't sell? well out of the 8 boxes i found a little over an over stuffed box and a half to sell  gave an over stuffed trash bag of clothes to my friend who got my pots and pans ( shes expecting again) and trashed the rest.( i don't think our trash man liked me very much the next morning!)
  So going through my sons old clothes got me thinking.. i had  TON of clothes in our storage unit that i planned to throw in a yard sale but never got around to it.... and the Wee Cycled wardrobe sale WAS coming up.....
so i called hubby and devised a plan. if he would come over and help me haul the clothes out of storage to sift through and hang and tag then i would donate what ever wanst sale worthy or didn't sell.. so he came over and pick the two little ones and myself up.. and off to storage we went.. well i got a little more than i bargained for....
 that was after the second load of clothes was brought over...
so after 3 days of hanging , inspecting, writing out tags and safety pinning them to the clothing i used 500 index cards and safety pin and hangers.. i took the last batch of stuff up to the sale at noon today.. I have never been so happy to see my living room floor!!!

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