Saturday, September 11, 2010

Melt away crayons!!

So how many of you hate broken paperless crayons??
I do.. my little one always seems to  pull the paper off her crayons and brake them.
then theres the end of the school year .. brong home the pencil crayon box.. what are we supposed to do with that junk?
Plus a good friend of mine is an art teacher at my sons school.. so we always have plenty of crayons and markers  for the summer! well my box of junk crayons was growing.. and i wanterd to make melt away crayons with the kiddos.. well tonight was the night.. while i cooked i set them in the kitchen floor and told them to start peeling off the paper..
this is what we started with!!
 a box of crayons!!

my two adorable helpers!!! who actually got along long enough to take this pic!

so i preheated the oven on 275
 and when the kids had the crayons peeled and broken into the muffin tin we had  this

 and into the oven they went... for 20 min.. i left them in a little long i think but i wanted to make sure they were good and melted!!
when i pulled them out they looked like this

pretty cool huh?
i let them cool for about 20 min on the counter then threw the tin and all in the fridge for another 20 min to let them get good and hard!! and tada......

 we have meltaway crayons!!!!
 the kiddos cant wait to color with them in the morning!!!!
other that the normal dont put that color in there drama it was fun!!! so you you have a ton of old crayons this is something fun to do with them.. i also threw in a little color fun and asked what color you got when you mix two colors...
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  1. how fun, and so simple! We might have to do this in our household, I'm not sure how many thousands of crayons we have lurking in dark corners...


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