Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Great Public Potty Debate

2 weeks ago I took my  three children, a friend and her two children  on a road trip. About 2 hours away ( what was i thinking?)to the Murfreesboro Discovery Center. Now this place was COOL to the max! the kids loved it!! the 2 1/2 story slide, the electronic bugs amazing but more on that awesome place in another post ( maybe tomorrow) When we finally hauled all five kids  out of the truck and strapped two into strollers paid our way in ( only 30$ for us all), being the smart moms we are took our kids potty. My oldest (9) took her oldest (4) into the men's room with strict instructions to keep an eye on him.

While changing diapers i noticed the door opened and a shy little girl walked in. she couldn't have been over 3. her dad was outside the door telling her to ask someone for help if she needed it. this is where my mind starts to spin..
At what point did the battle of the sexes or whatever you want to call it draw such a bold line in the sand or in this case the bathroom floor? Why is it ok for a mom to take her little boy in the women's restroom when the father isn't with her but its not ok to take a little girl in the men's room when she is out for a day with daddy or by chance he is a single father of a little girl? Why is it so Horrible that a man might enter the women's restroom to take his little girl potty? I fully understand then not taking a little girl in the men's room. I have a 3 year old myself and wouldn't want her to go in the men's restroom when she is out with her father. there are obvious reasons  on the no little girls in the men's room one is the amount of exposure. me use urinals, the wrong angle and my little girl could see some unsightly things and scar her for life.
My question is.. WHY is it so horrible for a father to go into the women's restroom with his daughter? There are stalls in the women's restrooms. Stalls with doors and locks and walls. No one sees each other  when they use the restroom. So why cant a father accompany his little girl to help her? What happens when a 3 year old goes in the women's restroom alone, goes in the stall closes the door and LOCKS it behind her? does she know to wipe off the potty? No! Does she know to check for toilet paper? No! can her little arms reach  to wipe her bottom when she poops? Not usually? Are most little girls too shy to ask for a strange woman help? Yes! So there the little girl sits on a dirty potty, with or with out toilet paper to scared to ask for help. this wouldn't happen if Daddy was there.
Its a constant battle between myself and daddy, when he wants to take our little girl somewhere for some time with her, because i know he wont go into the womens restroom with her and will send her in alone. I don't want my little girl to be the 3 year old alone in the bathroom sitting on a dirty potty with or with out toilet paper. By chance if she poops  she wont be able to wipe herself and  i sure as heck don't want some strange woman wiping my daughter bottom. Which couldn't even happen if she locked the stall door. Heaven forbid  she tries to wipe and smears poop all up her back  or  just doesn't wipe because she doesn't know what to do and comes home with a chapped bottom or a urinary tract infection. So in lack of family bathrooms in many places i deny my daughter daddy daughter days. i blame it on society's prudish views.
So i ask whats the big deal about men  taking their little girl in a public women's bathroom?
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