Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesdays drag by it seems! I dont know why. Do you?
Between laundry, dishes, breakfast,lunch, snack,s diapers, dusting, and all the other regular chores, it feels like forever before bath and bed time! For some reason nap time is never long enough to accomplish anything on tuesdays.
I finally convinced little miss to turn the tv off and listen to the radio. Actually it was the babys doing that caused this. You see we have netflix so it runs through our playstation. So it was a nice break from pink panther when J accidently turned the PS3 off.
Netflix is a poor mommas life saver! I HATE cable for the most part. granted having the ability to watch stuff like the oscars and such is a plus BUT i made the sacrifice considering my cable bill alone was running $160.00 a month! Netflix runs me $10.00 for unlimited movies and tv shows WITHOUT having to have DVR. i cant beat $120.00 a YEAR vs $160.00 a MONTH!

Somehow i missed up the nerve in my back again. so once again simple things like bending over, walking and standing up cause me horrid pain! 2 Tylenol told that nerve who was boss for a bit but not for long.
So this charlie Sheen thing. i turned on the radio and thats the first thing i heard.. what exactly is going on? Another drug problem? Another woman? I know i heard he wants a raise.. really Charlie you need a raise? Does the 1.5 millon or so you get for each estimate not cover your expenses? I doubt ill ever see 1.5 million throught out my lifetime. he makes that per episode!! maybe he should do a few less drugs and the 1.5 mil would be enough!

well its time for the big guy to be home from school.. off to fix a snack for him!
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