Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stubborn Wednesdays

Wednesdays around here for some reason just never really work out for us.I guess its the middle of the week hump that we all get stuck on.Kids are late for school ( not usually but yesterday ). I want to be lazy and drag all day therefore never actually accomplishing anything other than the bare minimal chores.
Onto op all that i had a migraine. The darn thing decided it would come and go all day. On top of hat the baby is teething and picked yesterday to whine non stop and want to constantly be held. So on the sofa i sat in my jammies for most of the day.when i wasn't there i was laying one of the little ones down for a nap and dozing off with them. see no motivation yesterday. Normally i would have played on my phone until they drifted off to sleep so i could bustle around like a busy bee until they woke up. NO such luck yesterday. I think i finally got us all dressed around oneish. I t could have been later but i just didn't care yesterday.The neighbor came over and invited us to the park since it was so pretty yesterday, at first i was excited.. ohh yea first spring trip to the park... then my mind said "ohh no you don't Missy remember this migraine here: *THUMP*THUMP*THUMP!!!!

I decided i would be stubborn and take the kids to meet her at the park when the oldest got home from school.Of course she was already home by that time! So we planned a little welcome warm weather BBQ in the back yard. Meantime i released my kids into the backyard to play with her kids.
Now originally i had set out chicken for dinner ( late i might add) then we decided on the BBQ  and were gonna grill burgers then her guy said forget burgers lets do chicken so i put my burgers back in the freezer, and made plans to run to the store as soon as her friend came to pick up the little boy she was watching.
Well it got a little cool so i rounded up my crew and sent them inside while i made sides for the BBQ.
This my dear is when the meltdown happened! neither of the little ones wanted to come in. FULL BLOWN MELT DOWN.
Against my better judgement i laid the baby down for a quick afternoon/evening nap  knowing he hadn't had a decent nap all day.. and guess who fell asleep?? this girl right here! Yup.. i dozed off totally neglecting my dinner duties.  I woke up around 6 and text my friend and said i was just gonna cook something quick here and she said that worked. I ended up pulling my burgers back out of the freezer and cooking them!
I tell ya Wednesday's are just NOT my days! i think I'm going to ban them.. maybe renaming them would help.. middleday or outcast day.. how about nomatterwhatyoudoitsgoingtobescrewed day!
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