Sunday, March 27, 2011

A surprise in the mail!

I love getting things other than money sucking bills in the mail! Don't you??
So you can imagine my pleasant surprise when i  was given a package from my oldest son when he came in from getting the mail!1 I got that fluttery excited feeling in my tummy. i didn't recognize the sender! I kept saying hmm who could this be from.. wonder what it is and doing my happy dance until my kids finally yelled "MOM JUST OPEN IT!!!!"
The postmark said UNITED KINGDOM..
That got me even more excited.. i asked my son all gaspy like.. 
"did the queen finally claim me as her long lost grandchild and send me a gift??" 
he just laughed and rolled his eyes and told me to open the package already!
So i opened the package.. it felt like a shirt.. so i opened it super slow for the sake of the kids..
Guess what.. IT WAS A SHIRT!!!!!
with this ADORABLE MONKEY on it!!
No, it wasn't from the queen.. BUT it had a monkey on it so i was tickled anyway!!
Then i remembered i signed up to review a shirt from tshirt Rock on! i had totally forgotten about it.. plus i forgot where i signed up at!
* Martin when you read this can you please let me know if you remember 
Anyway.. wanna see the shirt?? Cuz of course as soon as i saw it had a monkey on it i ripped off my shirt and threw this one on! Its soo cute!!!
Do you see that Monkey?? How cute is he? And unlike alot of screen printed shirts The printing on these are awesome.. no pulling edges or cracking image when washed ( and yes i have washed it now)
So after wearing the shirt, sleeping in the shirt and washing the shirt.. I'm extremely happy with the quality!1 My monkey is still soft and smooth!  The only downside i found.. the website doesn't show much of their work or what they offer. It does she what they can print on or have to offer. They can do any logo you please.. but i wish it had more to look at! I did contact them to get a catalog because I will be ordering from them in the future!!!!
Go check them out.. tell me what you think.. Isn't my monkey sexy???

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  1. Great post. I love those kind of surprises in the mail and I just love your sense of humor and your joking with your son. Enjoy both your son and the tshirt!


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