Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sick crazies!

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come blog hopping with me.. but keep your distance...
Its sick weekend here..I hate being sick.. Funny i think that crying jag from the other day brought it on! i went to bed feeling worn out.. woke up with a sore throat. I had a lunch date with a friend of mine from high school and i was determined sore throat or not i wasn't going to miss it! And i didn't!! We had a great lunch at a local yummy Mexican restaurant!  BUT by the time i got home i felt like poo! so i laid the little ones down with me and took a nice long nap.. THAT my dear.. was my mistake.. i woke up feeling like total CRAP! my head was stuffed up. my nose was running.I had a cough. and a sore throat and my body ached.  I Fixed the kids dinner and jumped in a HOT shower. praying for this to go away.. no suck luck.. So off to bed we all went a  tad bit early.. now when we got in the bed i was FREEZING. so cold i added an extra blanket to the bed.. by midnight i was sweating and continued to do so the rest of the night. yesterday morning i felt a tad better, the body aches and sore throat were gone but in its place came the inability to breathe
and............2 sick babies!!!!
today after some much needed NyQuil.. I'm left with only the constant struggle to breathe and a  cough.. well.. and 2 sick babies...
My oldest is spending the weekend at his dads so he is safe from the germs for now!
Can i give theraflu to  my kids? does anyone know?
super tempted to give them NyQuil right now( don't worry i never would)
i guess I'm gonna go tend the little sickies at chateau le crazy!

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  1. Hope you feel better soon! Following you back now.

  2. I hope they'll feel better soon :) I always stick with Tylenol.

    I LOVE your blog and have been following for a few weeks. So fun! ;0)


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