Wednesday, January 27, 2010

dec 30

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

ok so i had finally had it last night. after mac telling me to forget about him and that he was done with my non putting out ass. i did it. i took him up on his offer. i had the locks changed and took his stuff to him. im tired of being hurt. the first thing he did was text me and tell me he was taking the baby from me and that the joke is on me. then decided to tell me he would have some one new in a few days when i asked him to just let things chill out and to give me a few days. Around 11:50 last night he drove by to see if there was anyone here i guess. i dont know if he knows ive changed the locks yet or not. nice huh? after tellign me he was going to shut my phone off it was still on when i finally went to bed exausted from throwing up and being upset. I spoke to him this morning and he spoke to me like we were fine and dandy even asking me to send him nudy pics. hes asked me how my days has been and ive responded with one wird answers.
I had a drs appointment today for the baby and was told that i cant do any lifting and need to stay off my feet because the stress in my life is effecting the baby. i text mac to let him know and his text back was " ok well ill just stay gone so you dont have any more stress in your life"

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