Wednesday, January 27, 2010

spirit day ( old)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

spirit day!

alrighty so jamie reminds me last night that today is spirit day at his school. well spiit day was always awesome for me so i want the whole spirit week/ day experience to be fun for my kids too!!! it was always fun on school colors days to see what my friends had come up with. never fail we never went home the same as we left. we may have left home that morning looking like a normal teen but we returned to our familys looking like colorful aliens! we would color out legs and arms and face and spray paint our hair! our mothers would look at us liek they were crazy then all we would say was spirit day and she would smile and you could tell she was remembering her own schools homecoming tradition.
but back to my son... steph decided to paint his face and hair today in lew of school colors day! sounds cool right? 8 yr old getting to go to school with blue hair? well heres the thing between first and second grade we got a new principal at jamies school. and she has quite the corn cob in her hiney. it was all down hill from there! so last year we sent him with blue and gold hair!! NOPE!!! BOTH TIMES HE CAME HOME!!! He went to school with a mohawk.....HOME!!!!! they say its all against school dress code!!!! so this morning before school even started im guessing as soon as his little blue and gold head entered the building he was sent to the office! wham -bam-thank you sam! so 7:30 this morning i get a phone call to come get him! ugggggh!!!! why cant the kids just be kids and have fun? its one day. lord some one needs to pull the corn cob out of her skinny little rump!
whats gonna be super funny is when i show up to pick him up with pink hair!!!! thats right i dyed my hair with blonde and pink chunks!!!

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