Wednesday, January 27, 2010

zoo day (old)

sday, July 21, 2009

Zoo day

ok so we headed off to the zoo yesterday!!!! the weather was nice. not too hot not too cool and the sun was shining!! the kids were excited as was i. it promised to be a fun filled day!! and a fun filled day it was. parking was a bit tiering lol.. by the time we parked we had to walk a mile back to the zoo. My legs were already tired. the first thing we saw was the black bear... he was sleeping right at the window.. isnt he cute?????
then we headed off to see the red pandas and rhinos.. sissy thought the pandas were cool.... eventually we got to the penguins... aww they were precious

so after that we went thru the butterfly garden where jamie caught 2 on his fingers.... and i had one land on my shoulder and one in my hair!!!!and the kids rode a camel... which they thought was pretty cool. then we saw the beautiful elephants and zebras lions and giraffes... it was way cool!!! Finally we got to the apes and chimps.... ohh i was inlove witht he gorillas they were soo beautiful!!!!
after we saw all the animals we took the kids to the kids zoo and let them play on the playground!!! they had a blast until some forgin kids kept running them over.. so it was time to go. so daddy and the kids went to get the car ( my feet were hurting by this time)
I have to say i am sooo proud of my family.. no one complained at all yesterday... so when we left the zoo we headed to Fudruckers for dinner!!!!! MMMMMMMMM MMMMMMM burger goodness. none of us had eaten all day. we actually hadnt been hungry so everyone ate soo good. jamie ate ALL his food.
but we had an awesome day!!!!

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