Saturday, January 30, 2010


men are dumb! thats tonights conclusion. because i tell you that i feel lately the only reason you come over is to get something or borrow something doesnt mean u tell me i treat you liek my ex. woah bad move buddy. and here i thought this working things out was going pretty damn good till that came out of your mouth! whoops! so lets see you come over to see the kids and
a) leave with food
b) i take you out to eat with us
c) borrow movies that i dont see again for days
d) take games to play on ur new ps3
e) or get some booty!

yup i really feel like ur coming to see us! cuz its starting to feel like to me ur using me! nice right? uhh wrong!!! damn dude and i was gonna ask u to stay till after the kids went to bed so we could cuddle!!!

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