Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday drags!

Ok so before you ask why there is a pic of a massive Drag Queen on my page let me explain.... when i posted my title "Friday Drags!" it made me think of a drag queen!! for some reason the word drag(s) always makes me think of girly men dressed up as women.
Now don't take me wrong.. i support everyone and their beliefs. they have the right to dress,love,screw, do whatever they want. i dont judge. I also dont find many men in drag to be very pretty women so...
but past that.. sorry there have been no updates lately.. been "off". Shit who am i kidding when am i ever fully "on"?
Anyway in the past little bit we found out baby on the way is a boy! woo! honestly im getting excited! but dont worry i wont bore you with the OMG im having a baby BS that i frequently myself get sick of hearing when it isnt coming out of my mouth. BUT while we are on the baby topic.. ha i will go here for a min.. come to find out i have a fractured pelvis. from the baby hell if we know.. how bad is it? hell if we know that either. wanna know what i do know.. it fucking hurts! BAD! oh and my "wonderful dr" and i use that lightly right now seeing as im irritated at him tells me infront of my family to STAY OFF MY FEET has been telling me this since the beginning and i have ppl to back it up so im not nuts.. well i asked for it in writing HA! got a big fuck you on that and he will only write it out for this coming week. not the past 20 weeks! lovely right? WRONG!
Ok im crawling down off that topic now.
Ohh there was a nasty wreck at the end of the neighborhood yesterday! like nasty cuz there were 3 ambulances and fire trucks and the such. i couldnt see but... they towed the truck by and it wasnt pretty.. im sorry i know car accidents are bad and have even been in a few myself but noone can honestly help but to look at it.. so for your viewing pleasure... here is a pic my wonderful friend sent me last night to help ward off my nosieness!

nasty huh?
anyway the kids were home friday, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday and Wenesday. the finally went back to school yesterday on a 2 hour delay. let me tell you i love my kids but having them away yesterday was NIIIIIICE!!!! so the forecast says we are gonna get more snow so i expect them here part of next week too.
Im hosting a spa party here tomorrow.. yee haw!! not. im actually nervous.. that no one will show up or my house wotn be clean enough. ya know the good stuff!! but who knows how it will turn out!
Ive been updating my ipod for hours now its starting to piss me off!but i found this cool shit caled podcasts! no someone tell me how they work!!
ok well im outtie like my belly button will soon be!!! sissy is singing happy birthday to her doll!! and she needs to get dessed!!!

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