Saturday, January 30, 2010


so uhh were pretty much snowed in here!! been watching idiots slide around going down the street all day! the kids went out to play in this mess for a bit and i of course went out to get pictures. by the time we cam in my fingers were numb. so my little snow bunnies played on what they expected to be snow. much to thier suprise was ICE! yup like having a ice covered snow covered playland! they slipped and slided all around the yard. and let me tell you that was fun to watch!

so we all agreed that no car rides were in our near future! Then my oldest bio dad called and ha guess what? looks like were getting out.. to go out to eat with him!
ohh nice the salt truck just came through! twice! it really doesnt look like he made much of a difference.. i guess ill be finding out in a little bit.

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