Monday, February 15, 2010

More friggin snow!

oh wow! so the monsters were out today due to presidents day... then it snowed AGAIN! So we are looking at no school TOMORROW wouldn't be a horrible thing but that means i have to find someone to watch J while I'm in court with the oldest! yay!! custody court tomorrow!
Now lets hope everything goes in our favor! Oh and that it isn't continued!
So how was every one's V-day??? Ours was interesting here to say the least.
Oldest and i got into it bad and she clawed her face. right before court. nice right?
But i proceeded with my mommy duties and gave each kid their candy and made pink pancakes for breakfast and pink cupcakes for snack!!
nice of me right?
so normally when I'm prego i don't cut my hair! i might trim it but nothing drastic! well with this baby i decided for a change! whoa right? yea it was for me
not only did i cut it but i chopped it all off and highlighted it!. total change.
Feb-14 15:39
the decide for this change came after a horrible day on Friday! A day out of the book from hell. Started with Thursday night when i ended up at L&D cuz i was grocery shopping with the son and my head started spinning and my knees went weak and my tummy tensed up and baby stopped moving. i figured if it just came and passed id be OK.. but no it couldn't be that easy. We finished paying for our stuff and went home. i don't remember driving home. i don't remember going in the house. i Do remember calling the Ob on call and being told to go to L&D right away. But i don't remember driving there. i do remember parking the blazer tho. i remember oldest telling hubby i was there. i remember almost crying while telling the nurse baby wasn't moving!
But 20 minuets later hubby still hadn't text me asking what was going on. well me saying something about it led to a fight. which he thought i was mad because he didn't show up for dinner like he was supposed to and fell asleep. That had NOTHING to do with why i was upset! i was upset because not once the whole time i was there or late into the night did he ask how i was. he asked how baby was but never me. really hurt my feelings! On into Friday morning it had escalates into a screaming match where he still didn't understand why i was upset. then the horrid words escaped from his mouth and into my ear. (you don't give a shit about me and never have) which normally i could have replied but i guess hormones kept me from being able to keep my tears in check and the flood gates opened and i hung up the phone. i refused to speak to him the rest of the day while i wallowed in my tears like a hormonal teen who just had her heartbroke. So at 2 i headed out to get the oldest monsters and forgot to put gas in the blazer! so as it came time for the pickup line to start moving so all us happy parents can get out spawn i didn't move! nope.. moving wasn't an option for me. When i started the blazer it started then shuddered when i put it into drive and died! well my blond ass decided lets put it in neutral and coast.. DOWNHILL! so as I'm coasting i realize that umm the brakes aren't gonna do much withe a vehicle that size going down hill. with a car less than a yard in front of me that wasn't moving! So while pressing as hard as i can on the brakes i shifted into park and gave the gears the grinding of a lifetime and still wasn't stopped! so panic mode for me of course kicked in and i just knew that was it i was going to be paying for the vehicle in front of me with money i didn't have! yay! well luck was on my side and i stopped right before i hit the vehicle in front of me. *shew* but then we had a whole new issue. i was blocking traffic on one side of a 2 way road! well i learned something that day! moms late to pick up their kids can be hateful bitches! i was flipped off and screamed at and given eat shit and die looks! my gas gage is messed up i put 10 buck in 2 days before and had only been to the store and to get the kids. sorry i thought i had gas FUCK! thankfully a mom that's son is friends with my boy asked if i wanted her to grab the boy and bring him to me and i very much did! By this time i was once again a puddle of hormonal tears because i had to call the one person i was maddest at (the hubby) and have him come bring me gas and rescue his baby momma in distress! Thank goodness he did! he brought me gas and has me pull into the parking lot to check my fuses to try to find out whats wrong with my gas gages! ugh! what a pain in the ass. but i know what parents i will stop to help when they are in need and which ones i wont. i couldn't believe how hateful people could be.
anyway!today has been a lazy day! i need to get up and get some work done but something about everything outside being white doesn't motivate me! Oh and the just called schools for tomorrow off! yay! so looks like hubby is gonna have the 2 little monsters home by himself tomorrow!!

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